The institution is fully loaded with state of the art labs for all disciplines. It includes Hot Kitchens


Different Types of Bleaching & Facials, Waxing & Threading, French & Deluxe Pedic



Candidate should carry their identity cards and produce them on demand.

Uniform code specified is compulsory and have to be adhered to at all times for both theory and practical classes.

Students should be in class room! lab 15 minutes before the commencement of the class.

Students are not permitted to bring any visitors into college premises under any circumstances without the prior permission from the institution's authorities.

Mobile Phone is strictly not allowed in the college premises.

Students ore expected to maintain a high level of professionalism in and around the college premises.


A minimum of 80% attendance is mandatory both in theory and practical, failing to which the candidate is not eligible for the certification examination.

Leave on Personal ground must be informed before and permission should be obtained for the same.

Leave on medical ground should submit a medical certificate duly signed by the registered medial practitioner.


All students irrespective of subjects are expected to maintain a high level of personal hygiene

Minimum a shower per day is good for health and prevents body odours too. Strong perfumes should not be used, a mild deodorant is advised.

Hairs and Nails must be trimmed as and when required.( Girls should tie their hairs neatly with a net / band).

Cuts! Burns in skin should be covered and treated promptly.

Chewing Gum, Tobacco, Poan, smoking, and consumption of alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited in the college premises.


Students enrolled are expected to act in a professional manner at all times. The institution reserves the right to debar the candidate from the classes whose conduct is harmful to his progress or to the progress of the other candidates. A candidate is permanently dismissed from the institution at the judgment of the staff for any serious incident, troublesome behaviour. Academic fraud, cheating, theft from fellow mates, faculty or staff of the institution as well as extremely disrespectful behaviour to any member of the staff or other student may result in immediate dismissal. The parent / candidate are also expected to familiarize themselves with the rules, regulations and disciplinary code of the institution.


Lockers are provided to the candidates on sharing basis. Candidates should procure a lock from the stores on payment basis. Lockers may be opened and inspected without prior notice by the concerned authorities. Any article kept in the locker is the responsibility of the candidate him / herself.

Assignments / Projects

Self study assignments and presentations are periodically given and is an integral part of the sessional examination. Candidates failing to which will never be admitted in to regular classes till the time he/she finishes all the assignments up to date.